Making estimation easier and better

Throughout its existence, agileKRC has been instrumental in facilitating the agile transformation of numerous organizations. We meticulously examine the challenges these entities encounter in their projects and operational methodologies.

One prevalent challenge encountered by these organizations is related to estimation.

Therefore, tackling estimation is imperative, albeit challenging. At agileKRC, we guide organizations to confront this issue by focusing on five crucial areas:

1. Break down the components of an estimate. 2. Introduce confidence levels to enhance the accuracy of estimates. 3. Combine relative estimations with real outcomes from previous estimates. 4. Employ the appropriate technique based on the specific context. 5. Embrace a detail-oriented approach. While it may initially seem unconventional to delve deeply into estimation, the positive outcomes achieved will ultimately enhance your office reputation.


In this video, Keith Richards, the Founder of agileKRC, delves into the fundamentals of agile estimation. He discusses the inherent challenges, provides insights on initiating relative estimating, and explores the utility of story points in the estimation process.

Keith addresses the following topics in this discussion:

• What makes agile estimation a challenging task? • Exploring the fundamentals of agile estimation. • Initiating relative estimation and understanding its significance. • Striking a balance between predictive approaches and evidence-based approaches. • Assessing the effectiveness of story points: Are they a valuable concept or merely a distraction?

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