Egg Tray Moulding Machine

An egg tray-making machine( is mainly utilized to convert recycled paper into various egg boxes, plastic egg cartons, and paper egg trays. As a result of improving demand for services for eggs, the profitability from the egg paper tray industry has significantly increased.

Raw Materials Accustomed To Make Egg Paper Trays.

Raw materials like wood pulp used newspapers, and old books can be used the raw materials for producing egg trays. You can even make use of them to help make low-cost pallets.

End Product.

The most common product from the forming pulp machine will be the egg tray, a protective garment accustomed to protect the eggshell from being damaged during storage and transportation. The egg tray is available in different sizes and shapes depending on the methods of transport used.

Types of Egg Tray Making Machines.

1-Manual machine


3-Fully automatic.

The production of a manual egg tray maker( ) is approximately 1,000 to 1,500 pieces an hour. With a fully automatic drying system, it may produce around 6,000 pieces hourly.


1-They can be cost-effective.

The reduced energy consumption and operating costs from the egg tray machine are mostly linked to the raw materials along with the interest in the last product. For that reason, paper egg trays can be produced efficiently and effectively.

2-Convert waste into money.

An egg tray machine( can convert old paper into various molded pulp products, that can be used for multiple applications.

3-Wide final product market

Due to the increasing environmental pollution due to plastic packaging, many countries have started banning using plastic packaging, which has caused a tremendous demand for pulp molded products.

4- An array of investment portfolios.

Egg tray machines are mainly utilized for the creation of egg rolls. The machines can produce around 6,000 pieces per hour, massively enhancing the company's investment.

Procedure Followed For Making The Paper Trays.

Pulp Making System.

The procedure starts by placing the raw materials in to the hydraulic pulper. The rough pulp formed will be refined and homogenized in the process of homogenization pool. In this process, the pulp beater refines the coarse pulp and also adjusts the pulp uniformly.

Molding System

The pulp will probably be transported to the forming machine by a pulp pump. It will likely be immersed from the mold to create an egg tray. It can then blow off of the finished product from your molds to penetrate these process.

Drying System

The sundry strategy is widely used due to its cost-effectiveness. This procedure is suitable for small machines( with 1000-1500pcs/h. You may also work with an automatic conveyer dryer that is built using bricks. This kind of dryer is fantastic for two thousand pieces and above. Some other kind of dryer is definitely the rather expensive and fully automatic dryer.


A packing machine then stacks the trays. The purpose of this method is always to save space and minimize transportation costs. To produce egg boxes, you will have to utilize a hot press machinery machine. After passing from the hot press, the egg boxes will conform to an effortless surface and also be hard enough with an appealing appearance.