Candid Aligners Review About Teeth alignment in adults and children.

A healthy and snow-white smile is one of the important factors of a beautiful appearance. Therefore, many people resort to teeth straightening procedures even in adulthood. In candid aligners review modern dentistry, there are a large number of effective techniques that differ in the mode of action, duration of treatment and price.


Ceramic plates that are pre-cast and adhered to the outer surface of the tooth are called veneers. With their help, minor defects are masked, in particular, unaesthetic interdental gaps, small curvatures or differences in height. They successfully imitate natural teeth, are distinguished by their durability and unpretentious care.

Aligners (mouthguards):

Dental devices in the form of transparent plates, designed to align the curvature of the dentition. As a rule, they are worn constantly. There are also whitening trays. This method is inconvenient to implement, because the aligner must be taken out during the meal. In addition, the structure requires replacement every two weeks.

The duration of therapy is determined by the doctor depending on the severity of the curvature.


Braces are the most effective and commonly used method for correcting a smile. Sapphire, ceramic and metal fittings are available for traditional and hidden installations. The latter are becoming more and more popular, since they are practically invisible when a person is talking and smiling.

This technique allows you to correct even serious bite defects, but differs in the duration of treatment. The candid aligners review wearing period is determined for each patient individually, but it is always at least a year.

The system installation process is pretty straightforward. The staples are fixed on the surface of the teeth with a special adhesive and are connected to each other with a strong metal arc. In the first few days, addiction occurs, and gradually the discomfort from rubbing the mucous membrane of the inner surface of the lips decreases and disappears. Dental glue, which is applied on top of the staples, helps to simplify this process. It is transparent, tasteless and does not contain harmful components in the composition.

Basic rules for wearing braces:

it is forbidden to eat excessively cold and hot food, gnaw seeds and nuts; you should refrain from chewing gum; rinse your mouth thoroughly every time you eat; you need to brush your teeth with special tools – brushes; it is highly undesirable candid aligners review to skip visits to the attending dentist. Ignoring these recommendations leads to the destruction and malfunction of the system, as well as the development of caries and other dental diseases.

The installed structure constantly exerts pressure on the bone structures, as a result of which the tooth takes the correct position and moves to the required plane.

Correction of bite in children:

As long as the bone structures remain pliable, wearing mouth guards and removable plates is sufficient. Since these designs greatly distort diction, they are worn mainly at night. In more difficult cases, braces are installed.

The optimal time for corrective measures is children's age, since during this period the bone sutures have not yet completely closed, and tissue regeneration occurs many times faster. However, in modern dentistry there are enough ways to find a beautiful smile even in adulthood.


Surgical intervention in order to correct the occlusion is carried out only in the presence of serious indications and in conjunction with specialists in the field of maxillofacial surgery. The method is radical, but only with its help it is possible to deal with congenital jaw anomalies and deformities, as well as with violations of the symmetry of the facial skeleton.

Surgical treatment is used only in cases where conservative orthodontic methods are ineffective or do not bring the desired result. The operation is performed under general anesthesia, lasts several hours (due to the complexity of the site) and requires a rehabilitation period.

Art restoration:

With age, a person is faced with such a phenomenon as abrasion of the side and front teeth. This is especially noticeable on the incisors. To restore areas of destruction, the dentist grinds or trims the affected elements, applies a composite material (photopolymer) to them and fixes it using the light of a special lamp. Treated areas can darken over time and lose strength, so this method is not trusted and popular.

Laser therapy:

Correction of the dentition using any constructions is a complex and long-term process, therefore, in some cases, it is accompanied by inflammation. The use of a laser allows you to eliminate small defects and hyperemic areas that appear due to wearing orthodontic appliances.

Corrective massage: This option of exposure is an auxiliary procedure for correcting bite. A gentle massage of the teeth and gums is performed with a medium-hard brush twice a day. Therapeutic support consists in stimulating blood flow, which accelerates the process of bone regeneration.

Teeth correction cost:

The price of orthodontic treatment depends on the chosen technique. The dentist determines the optimal method in each case after a comprehensive diagnosis. The most affordable option is to make a leveling plate or mouth guard. The superiority in terms of cost is held by veneers and surgical correction.

Braces remain optimal in terms of price / quality ratio of the result. Today, many clinics offer clients candid aligners review to pay only for the installation of the structure, and the treatment process is carried out free of charge. Source URL: