What is economics

This word is interpreted in different ways. But it is based on one phrase - the science of housekeeping. And this science is part of our daily life with you. It helps us to satisfy our needs in life. Whether we like it or not, Her Majesty the economy surrounds us constantly and everywhere. Hence the conclusion - if we are constantly in contact with this science, then we need to make friends with it, and, therefore, study.

Why study economics

First of all, because it is closely related to the problems that each of us has. Every day we are worried about a lot of questions: rent, whether bread has risen in price, interest on loans, home repairs, pay for children's education. And many other problems. Then we can go beyond the threshold of our house and also meet with manifestations of the economy. We live with you in the country, which means that it has its own political and economic activities. The economic activity of the country has an impact on each of us - these are our salaries, prices on the market, prices for energy resources. Today we are interested in questions about whether the retirement age will rise, whether salaries will be removed from the shadow, and whether there will be more jobs in our country? The economy is being introduced into the problems of a global nature. They consist in the fact that there are countries in which population growth threatens its prosperous existence, will there be enough production to feed the people, will the growth of the world's population change with the growth of modern technologies. This list can be continued for a long time. There are a lot of open questions that still need to be studied and analyzed. Therefore, as long as humanity will exist, as long as the economy will be the leading science, which is used theoretically and in practice. Every day, some issues are resolved, while others appear again. Humanity strives for a better life , which means that it is necessary to look for methods to achieve this goal, which is not possible without the economy. Many students ignore classes in economics, which is fundamentally wrong. It is quite possible that they do this because they think that they still will not understand what it is about. It is worth telling these students to ask for help writing essay on economics and to understand the subject better.

As a result of the above

In order to deal with the above problems, you need to master the basics of economics from school. Understand why the economy is needed. High school students often write an essay on this topic, but they do not always understand that the future of the country, its economic growth largely depends on those who are still sitting at their desks today. The economic situation in the country also depends on the knowledge that the younger generation is receiving today. As a result, we can say: the economy was, is and will be, in all its manifestations while humanity exists. So, it needs to be studied. Essay on the topic : Why do I need economics? Never before have I had to deal with this question, and in order to answer it myself, I first think it is necessary to understand what the word economics means and where it came from. The word economics comes from the Greek. οikos - house and nomos - law , literally - housekeeping rules. Each person has his own needs: mainly spiritual, material and social. Now a person is trying to satisfy these needs no matter what kind of activity he is engaged in or in what part of the world he lives. The person is already accustomed to living in comfort and coziness in what he is in. needed those benefits that he himself provides. It turns out that each person is engaged in "running his own economy" and each in his own way ... Starting from primitive tools of labor, ending with factories, various equipment, etc. man began to seek his self-realization, his own good for his own sake. Cooperation with each other led a person to economic activities such as trade, business, money, etc. Ie what we are doing is an integral part of the economy with which we are closely related to daily life. Economics plays an important role in my profession. since very closely related to trade. For example: in order for me to do a certain job, paints are required. But for this it is necessary that someone produced paints and built a building where there will be a store in which they will be sold. And the more different paints and different stores become, the more choice I have where I can buy them so that I can also save money. Thus, I will be able to satisfy my needs and benefit myself in the form of money that I have saved. To master the economy, I worked a lot on myself, if I didn't understand something, I asked for economics hw help . Getting used to the forms of economic relations between people in everyday life nezadumyvaeshsya that you're part of the process.


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