Why you need to read reviews?

I am not sure what is going on, but two of my websites are not being updated, whilst a third one is successfully displaying latest posts and the Authority is increasing. If you're a website creator and you have, for example, educational website you need to motivate users to create reviews about your product! There are big amount of websites, where students are used to buy their homework and about which you can read, for example, okayessay review or another kind of reviews of users that have bought their essays or dissertations there, so you can trust this brand!

Of course, I have looked at all three websites to make sure that all three are setup the same way and to make certain that all three are submitted the same way. I did make a few changes yesterday to one of the at fault blogs and the other was only submitted yesterday, so possibly I need to be patient and hope it is all all right in the morning. But, it does not feel like that! On my mind is, “What if tomorrow morning when I look at the account, both websites are still displaying an Authority of 1 and no recent posts?”. I know that it doesn’t in reality mean much, or not that I have yet discovered, but it is one of those badges that you merely have to get. Plus, by being listed in directory, there is a opportunity of other bloggers coming over this way.

Ironically, the website that is included is the one that I thought would struggle the most! It is merely about 8 weeks old and not yet showing loads of incoming links! You never can tell!