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How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104- Complete Solution

Facing AOL Desktop gold error code 104 on Windows OS?

Don’t be get upset;

Most of the AOL users face AOL desktop gold Error 104 messages again and again. They become frustrated because of this problem.

This problem arises when you try to download AOL desktop gold software on your Windows OS.

So, if you have trouble while installing AOL gold or want the permanent solution to get rid of this problem.

You need to just follow this one post with its basic and advanced solutions that below is explained:-

Focus on Some Key Points- Why does AOL Desktop Error 104 Display?

Just read the following points and understand why error code 104 come:

  • If you have downloaded or installed a corrupted file then this error comes.

  • This problem also occurs on that time when your system files or AOL is not installed properly.

  • The Windows registry has corrupted from a recent installation of AOL.

  • If your Window file is also corrupted with malware.

What happening with your AOL Desktop when this Error Occur

Focus on the following point deeply because these symptoms or signs might be faced by the user :

  • Your Window will crash when AOL desktop Error code 104 comes.

  • AOL's error code 104 message display again and again on screen.

  • Your Window will start responding very slowly to your mouse and keyboard inputs.

  • Your system periodically freezes after some time.

You can also resolve this problem by yourself with only basic steps. Now, we are explaining below basic steps on how to resolve AOL 104 error problems.

How to Resolve AOL Desktop Error Code 104?

Now, it is time to troubleshoot your AOL desktop gold problem with basic steps that also help to fix AOL desktop error 104:

  • In case, your system is not compatible with AOL software.

  • If you are suspicious your system is attacked by Trojans, Virus, then removed by using the PC scanner tool.

  • Clear all cache, cookies and data history from the system to resolve problems.

  • System Driver should be updated.

  • Check for Windows update if any update is available.

Next, Techniques to Fix AOL Error Code 104....

Step 1: First, you need to uninstall the AOL desktop and reinstall it.

For Windows OS:

Go to the Control Panel>>> Programs→ Programs and Features→ appear in the list of programs→ Select your AOL software → Right Click & Uninstall your program.

Step 2: Once you Uninstall the AOL desktop, again download & install AOL desktop gold on your system with a new updated version.

Step 3: After completing the installation process, restart your system.

Step 4: Now, open your AOL software and see if it's working or not.

For MAC:

Open the ‘Applications’ Folder Search for AOL Desktop Gold by typing its name in the search box and drag it to the Trash. Wait until the uninstall process is completed.

Thus, you can uninstall AOL gold from MAC and reinstall it again.

Need Help?

I hope the above recommended basic and advanced solutions will help you to resolve the problem. In case, you have any doubt while performing troubleshooting steps, feel free to communicate with experts. They will definitely help you to get rid of AOL desktop gold error 104 problems.