Published 3 years ago the January 30, 2018By Liz Areli Cervantes López

According to data from the Ministry of Tourism - Sectur - in Mexico there are approximately 20 thousand hotels and more than 700 thousand rooms of all kinds. Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara are three of the cities with the highest demand for tourist and business hotels in the country, with the participation of national and international brands in the market. 

1.- To speak of vacation tourism is to refer to three large markets, with the largest tourist influx, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos and Riviera Nayarit.

2.- The maturation of these markets is evidenced by a dollarized market , which has been beneficial due to the effects of the exchange rate and the feasibility of finding risk capital and financing .

3.- In the sector there has been a concern to develop all-inclusive projects, combined with a fairly robust 'pipeline' of projects with a European plan.

4.-Technology has contributed with different systems to make the development of projects more efficient, having greater control in the process and distributing them in different parts of the country.

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5.-Tourism generates a large percentage of GDP, it is positioned as one of the main sources of income where about 80% is generated locally. 

6.- From the point of view of investment vehicles , the opportunity to create communities or destinations that generate economic activity and sustainability for the different regions is perceived.

7.- Part of the great challenges is to unravel the issue of certainty and legality , which can attract or subtract opportunities in some regions of the country.

8.- It is essential that developers participate from their own field, in business sectors and in different associations such as CANADEVIfor authorities to change the level of projects.

9.- Vacation homes or second homes are perceived as a fragmented industry, with a lack of support and without great positioning.