Fortunately, jmc2obj permits exporting particular person block sorts as closed meshes, so I went back to jmc2obj for simply the water and glass. Mineways allows for exporting different block varieties as separate meshes (however still with internal faces eliminated), so I simply deleted the water and glass meshes after exporting. Utilizing slightly totally different colors for the refraction and absorption colours allows for the water to transition to a barely totally different hue at deeper depths than on the floor (versus just a extra saturated version of the identical shade). For the water shader in the ultimate render, I used a PxrLMGlass material with an IOR of 1.325, a slightly blue tinted refraction color, and a mild blue absorption color. Since simply the water and glass is a a lot smaller knowledge set than the entire world, jmc2obj was capable of export with out a problem. Typically they're used for distributed denial-of-service attacks, which flood servers with a lot site visitors that it forces them to go offline. We all know what it takes to run the most important lag free Minecraft servers. RaiderZ maintains that stage of velocity and smoothness in combat whereas the gameplay really takes place out in that open world.