So, like in Minecraft, each time you play something new. So, for your feed the beast server to have a most impact, one of many things it wants is lots of mod packs. The feed the beast is not going to get to its most potential if many players arent allowed on the server. When a rectangular piece of heated metal is allowed to cool at room temperature? It is going to only be allowed if a healthy discussion can come out of it. Feed the Beast originally started out as a skyblock challenge map, utilizing primarily technical mods, and soon grew to become popular and a extra streamlined means of installing them was required. Sure, there's a Feed the Beast ModPack for the minecraft 1.5.1. Feed the Beast is a very unique map. The ultimate step in the next part will launch you into the Minecraft universe to take pleasure in FTB. This is without doubt one of the thrilling features of the Minecraft universe that players cant get enough of. When a new world is created via your server, the Minecraft universe expands. I can add the portal mod with out a crash but once i carry over the information in the “minecraft” folder contained in the feed the beast folder, i imagine that crashes my recreation.