When I read the first book in my youth about Buddhism and the Concept of Nirvana I found it more than interesting because it so much more not like the Christian Bible images imprinted by my upbringing and environment.

At that time I did not know that with the Siddhartha I already entered existentialism.

  • Freedom of choice.
  • Sense of unique self and individuality.
  • We live; we experience, rather than just be.
  • Every existence is unique; we have no universal humanity, but must create ourselves individually through experiencing the world.
  • We are not human except through what we do.
  • Existence precedes essence. We are not human [essence] until we act [existence].
  • Making life meaningful through self-realization and experience.


L. S. Cousins said that in popular usage nirvana was “the goal of Buddhist discipline,... the final removal of the disturbing mental elements which obstruct a peaceful and clear state of mind, together with a state of awakening from the mental sleep which they induce.” Source: Wikipedia

This is mostly also what I understood in my youth.

There are monasteries full of monks not having achieved this state of mind after decades

The unconscious path to enlightenment

As individuals, we struggle to obtain such a state and our conflicts with our environment which is ruled by imperfect people and this does not make it easier.

As human species and this is something that has to be discussed we may have a common consciousness. This may be one theory. Another may be that progress or evolution is an escalating process that roots also in our competitiveness for example.

Whatever it may be and how hard we argue against it, progress may it be individual or technological is always searching for a solution. A solution to the problem we are still trying to defend and that is human imperfection.

There are many progressives, at least that is how they see and express themselves that defend that faulty existence and at the same time lecturing about how to be a better person.

The thing with “the act” or “human existence”

Self-improvement, self-reflection is widely accepted and supported and so is the technological development of our external environment. Yet, many people deny the logical group process with the same goal.

Human existence is a common act to reach this #Nirvana. Our way to the stage of #Posthumanism can only be postponed.

Well, nothing new. Software Developers not able to provide a working documentation ... just the daily grind

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this text has been written in 15 minutes – beware

I was told that I am an aging old pseudo leftist or anarchist, a reminiscence of missed chances and now preaching from a position above the reality of the actual world we live in.

I can live with that description and there is something true in most parts of any feedback. It also tells a lot about the feedback giver.

It is natural to neglect the older and more experienced people around you, especially if you are very young and emotional. That is understood. It is also normal that older people lack the impulsive tendency of the moment for action.

Yet, we will want the same thing, I suppose.

Slow general changes

People change under certain situations faster or slower. If an imminent problem exists that threatens their “own” lives people are very capable of changing and adapting new behaviors.

The other side of the medal is that if changes are very hard to grasp but need adaption on a comprehensive scale of personal lives, people are not known for implementing those necessary changes.

Greta and FFF

Try to think about your life and also the news before Greta and FFF entered the stage. Be honest and think about how much you thought about sustainability, green energy, your carbon footprint or also the collapse of our civilization.

I guess, if you are not an member of an ecological group or no alternative lifestyle (leftist, green, anarchist) background, the chances are you have not really thought about it all.

Yet, the climate change has been thematized for decades.

You did not catch on? Think about it for a while.

The elephant in the room

Let's talk about the issue on hand here. Capitalism.

Again, if you are not a leftist .. and so on .. and have a descend life and income you are probably not really thinking about changing, maybe because of the climate change, but not really radically.

Not only since the COVID-19 crisis began we pretty much know that capitalism does not work. END

Yes, when it comes to progress and inventions it may be the best system and so on .. and so on... but ultimately, it has major flaws, not only when it comes to equality, the ecological aspect.

If you are a middle, lower-class person there is no reason to like it. You are a tool and are being used as one.

Why not change? Think about it for a while.

Media Presence and message

A couple of a month back I was talking to a coworker and told him, that I think we need an anti-capitalistic version of Greta and a youth movement to get the political class to start talking about “real” changes and alternatives.

And yes, there are alternatives, and you do not even have to call them Socialism or communism (the boogieman).

Still, no talks about alternatives.

In Germany, we have an election year and chances are good that the ruling party will prevail and things will continue as before.

*Why is that? Again.. think about it for a minute..

People do not change because all information they get to know about alternatives is easily discarded.

Riots, demonstrations, protests and solidarity actions are also not working on a nationwide or even greater level.

We know that, right? But its kind of part of the culture.

The world moved on and so did the means of communication

The leftist, anarchist movement of full of intelligent people and only a few a known world-wide. David Graeber or Noam Chomsky or Subcomandante Marcos could be three of the most well-known people. If you take the normal population and ask them, most will only have heard of Noam Chomsky.

We are lacking massively on in the popularity field. Of course, the old argument of leaders or icons is well despised, and I can understand that, but it does not have to be like that.

The virtual icon

My idea would be to create an online presence of a person and try to make it popular. There would be the need to find an agreement that this icon would only act and preach in a positive manner. No calls for violence or equally negative actions.

The best thing would be a virtual agent based on GPT-3 or any other AI-driven API, if there are any.

Do not get me wrong

It is far from my intention to manipulate people, but we need someone who can speak to all people and talk about alternatives in a manner that is not rooted in socialism, communism or anarchism and also would be able to communicate in most of the languages.

If not virtual. Let's talk about people? Or any other ideas for that matter...

This is an older post if mine, but I wanted to share it again.

While watching a video of David #graeber talking about the extreme center or liberals in the US, I asked myself why are we even talking about an extreme center? How can a center be extreme? It cannot and it is a misinterpretation or let me use the word framing of the political positional terminology we accept as some kind of natural order.

This is ridiculous if you think about it.

The only center in politics which has a political framework for all people outlined is the left and only the left. And with the left, do not get me wrong I mean not the social democratic parties who sleep with the capital or some of the authoritarian communist parties. Inclusion for all people is only being thought of in terms of leftist or anarchist political theory.

So, why still use the term center for the conservatives, the capitalists, the neoliberals?

*** The conservatives are extreme in protecting their way of life and the establishment. They are the extremists who are blocking necessary progress and changes.

The neoliberals and capitalists are extreme in exploiting everybody who is below them. They are trying to gain an advantage in every possible situation to pursue their egoistic goals. ***

It is time to change the narrative

The left is the center and that approach to discuss and explain problems with the narrative told today might be a good approach to find a way through the barricades of the ongoing defamation of leftist terminology.

This already concludes my thoughts about this.

Trump and QAnon inside Capitol Hill..

You probably heard of the following statement:

“We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.”

William S. Casey

Some say, that even the quote is a lie..

It just does not matter anymore

You might say, that this is a problem of the US politics and their intelligence agencies, but that is not true. Most nations are build upon opacity and their lies the problem.

Let's stay with the US. A nation built on the foundation of liberty and personal freedom, ruled by lies and deceit.

The rise of QAnon and Trumpism

No, No, No...

It all started long before that. The ultimate conspiracy of the Kennedy assassination and the cover up of all the presidents after that are the root of it all. This is when politics in the US lost all credibility. Of course there are other incidents, but the unprecedented impact of a dead president, was the tipping point.

They did not recover after that. Then came the interventions in South and Central America, the Iraq war lies and after that Bush Jr and 9/11.

And then the deep state conspiracy and QAnon. A liar is still a liar if he only tells you 70% of the truth and since none of the politicians can speak 100% the truth, you have to cherry-pick fragments of truth.

If you got so many secrets, truth has to be searched for.

The scene in Indiana Jones with the big warehouse in which they store the ark is good a symbol of the problem

Not 4 or 8 years of a Biden presidency will be able to fix that.

It just does not matter anymore

Claim truth if it serves the cause of your position and strategy. That is enough.

Blue – Red – Black – White

This should be a warning to all democracies

If the rest of the world does not want to follow the example of the US, it is time to come clean. If the rest of the western democracies are really about freedom, openness is the only way to avoid equal problems, which are already building up.

It is just a matter of time when .. we follow in the footsteps of our mighty brother the US.

Gibt es eigentlich Statistiken wie viele Krimis in den letzten 50 Jahren durch den öffentlichen Rundfunk produziert oder aus dem Ausland importiert wurden?

Aber das ist nicht alles – oder?

Die privaten TV-Sender sind überlaufen mit US-Krimi, Thriller oder Action Serien.

Recht, Ordnung und Autoritäten. Die Welt ist böse?

Bekämpfung der Symptome

Ein krankes System gebiert eine kranke Gesellschaft. Die westliche Welt hat es nie gelernt, dass eine Krankheit dann entsteht, wenn sich Leben gegen sich selbst richtet.

Wenn ich den Satz, den ich gerade geschrieben habe so lese, dann denke ich mir schon, dass das so richtige Hippie Kacke ist. Friede, Liebe und im Einklang mit der Welt sein? Auf der einen Seite schaudert es mich bei dem Gedanken, da Analyse und Kritik für mich zum Leben gehören und was wäre, wenn wir in so einem rosaroten Traum leben würden? Auf der anderen Seite ist es aber klar, dass wir jegliche Balance zu unserer Umwelt verloren haben.

Nicht, dass der medizinische Fortschritt vergebens ist, den wir in den letzten paar hundert Jahren erzielen konnten, aber dieser Fortschritt und auch die heutige Forschung ist wie die Bekämpfung von Verbrechen zu sehen.

Vor ein paar Tagen hatte ich dann einen Artikel gefunden und fand die Betrachtungsweise gut, wobei es mir natürlich nicht ansteht hier ein Urteil über die Korrektheit anzustellen.

We’ve Got Depression All Wrong. It’s Trying to Save Us

Beim Lesen der Überschrift sind mir dann ein paar Alternativen eingefallen

  • We've Got Anti-Capitalism All Wrong. It's Trying to Save Us
  • We've Got Anarchism All Wrong. It's Trying to Save Us
  • ...

Ich will hier nicht abschweifen ... ^^

Die alte Regel. Wo der Widerstand am stärksten ist, da soll man hinschauen, denn da findet sich oft die Wahrheit oder zumindest die Lösung wieder.

Aber wenn wir für etwas bekannt sind, dass es sicherlich Verdrängung und Ignoranz. Was nicht sein soll, dass kann nicht sein und sowieso, wir sind nicht schuld.

Das Bild der Polizei durch die Dauerbeschallung der Mattscheibe

Es ist immer so einfach. Gut und Böse. Verbrechen und Schuld.

Das Bild der Politik ist schon lange angekratzt. Nicht, dass es die Politik wirklich stören würde. Das Bild des Militärs, da brauche ich wohl nichts zu sagen. Da hat uns die Geschichte doch eine “Gefallen” getan und uns ein bisschen Anti-Kriegssinn eingeimpft, auch wenn das den einen oder anderen aus dem politischen Milieu stören mag.

Die Exekutive und auch Judikative. Die letzten Bastionen, die den Glauben an unsere Gesellschaft noch erhalten?

Dafür wird ein enormer Aufwand in den Medien betrieben, aber es gibt auch das Publikum dafür.

Spannung in den öden Alltag bringen, denn was ist denn schon das eigene Leben, wenn man dafür die Fälle am Sonntag beim Tatort oder sonstigen Programmen sehen kann. Die Flucht aus der Realität, aber ohne die würde es wohl gar keinen Absatz für Bücher und sonstige Medien geben.

Jedoch ist die Macht des Bildes eine andere. Es werden in kürzerer Zeit einfacher Emotionen mit wesentlich mehr Informationen transportiert.

Ein Buch braucht Zeit, es braucht Vorstellungskraft und Fantasie. Bücher beeinflussen uns auch, ohne Zweifel.

Ich muss gerade an einen Film denken. Street Kings. Ein US-Action-Krimi bei dem es um korrupte Polizisten geht. Es gibt sie, die Ausnahmen. Wenige..

Das Jahr 2020 hat uns nun den Gefallen getan, dass ein bisschen Transparenz in das Moloch von Polizei und Verfassungsschutz gekommen ist. Ein wenig.. Denn wir können uns sicher sein, dass wir hier nur die Spitze des Eisberges kennen und hier und da mal ein paar Bauernopfer fallen, um die Bevölkerung ruhigzustellen und die Aufmerksamkeit wieder auf andere Skandale zu lenken.

Und da ist es doch ganz gut, dass die Mediathek für die wir als Bürger:innen auch bezahlen dürfen, gut gefüllt ist mit Krimis und sonstigen “Mist” (Entschuldigung, wenn ich hier jemanden auf die Füsse trete).

Das Bild der guten Ordnungshüter und des Rechtsstaates darf nicht fallen.

Ich bin übrigends nicht für die Abschaffung der Polizei, wie viele andere aus der eher linken Ecke, denn dieses kranke System braucht definitv eine Polizei.

Ausbau der Polizeirechte und Gesetze

Wie in der Medizin versucht man eine 100 % Heilung zu schaffen, also werden neue Techniken verwendet oder die Grundrechte einfach mal versucht zu ändern, denn wer will denn nicht, dass wir alle Verbrechen aufklären?

Ich gestehe, dass ich erst wieder ein paar Tatort Folgen angeschaut habe und auf diesen Eindruck ist hier auch dieser Blog(Mist)-Eintrag entstanden.

Ich hatte mich danach der Tops-Flops Liste ausgerichtet. Muss echt sagen, dass ich gut unterhalten wurde und die Qualität von den Top-Folgen wirklich ausgezeichnet ist. Das ist für deutsches TV doch eher ungewöhnlich.

Grundsätzlich hätte ich da auch nichts daran auszusetzen, wenn es nur der Tatort wäre.

Die Gesamtheit der Polizeiserien und Kriminalgeschichten als Ganzes gesehen, erzeugt aber ein Narrativ und ich bin mir sicher, dass es auch hier kritische Folgen gibt, mal hier und mal da.

Der Realität entspricht es aber denke ich weniger.

Was steht also dahinter? Das Bild von Autorität und Gehorsam soll aufrechterhalten werden, muss aufrechterhalten werden. Was wäre die Konsequenz eines negativen Narratives in einem kranken System?

Und das ist auch mein Hauptkritikpunkt am Ende. Wo wird an den Ursachen versucht etwas zu ändern?

Aber da wären wir wieder bei der alten Frage angekommen, der Systemfrage oder auch der Frage jedes einzelnen Menschen, was sein System ist und wie sein Leben gestaltet werden soll? Denn auch ein Systemwechsel mit den ganzen Objekten und ihren Parametern unten in den Funktionen würde nichts bringen.

How many times have I read or heard from people that 2020 was a lost year? Too many times.

For me, it was one of the most enlightening years in my life, but then again I am personally enjoying solitude and slowing down once in a while. In those times I can put the pieces of a puzzle together. Trying to achieve a moment of clarity, determining positional parameters.

My German summary and of course there was much more .. maybe there will be a follow-up post for it – potential title “The Rest of 2020”

The virus

When I read in January from a Chinese virus, I kinda already knew what could happen. In my mind possible paths were building up on how this year could turn out. Other than that I am not really the guy making any plans at the end of the year.

It may be just a human behavior to neglect apparent crisis scenarios or a pending catastrophic event.

Just an example:

For decades, we neglected the looming climate crisis and the root causes of it. We know that this development was accelerated by the industrialization and of course capitalism or let's say mainly the lifestyle of the western world. Of course that brought us many inventions and progress, but to what costs?

So, what happened with the virus and the control of it?

As if we do not know that we live in a globalized world everybody just ignored the crisis until it was too late. We even have centers for disease controls and after the predecessor with SARS over a decade ago we should have enough models and data about how to engage such a threat.

But we did not. Everything after that is well documented and what the aftermath will be .. we will soon know more about it.

Racism and Police

The trust in the institution of the police is crumbling and not only in the leftist world. The so-called middle of society has gotten a taste and insights on how police around the globe operate. This will not lead to abolishing police, but it let awareness grow in places that had none before this year.

Especially in Germany, the exposure of ties of the police to far-right networks was enlightening. It shows us what is going on, and it shows us how loyalties are aligned, which is important if the future turns out to be worse than we imagined.

The Left in the capitalistic world

2020 showed us one thing. We do not matter – at all. Yes, we make certain developments visible and surely things would be worse if it were different, but the influence and impact to postulate significant changes is somewhere above the zero point.

And to be honest, if anyone starts talking about a leftist revolution in the western civilized world, I will just ignore this irrational dreams or rants in the future because they are nothing more than that.

The US and Europe are on their way to implement a Chinese ideal of population control

Call it 1984 or Orwellian State or anything else. In pretty much every nation of the Fourteen-Eyes the build-up to a surveillance state has gained significant speed.

Privacy is soon gone. Not many people care (see climate-change and COVID for reasons).


Maybe we do not have real artificial intelligence yet and from my perspective this is more than ok, but..

In every scientific field people are working on solutions. This goes for the military as well.

Like any other technology the use of it cannot really be regulated, well, at least until we as global society realize that the potential of it would lead to the destruction of humanity (see nuclear weapons). Nuclear weapons are static weapons. A human has to pull the trigger. The cool thing now is that we are working to get rid of the human factor and are working on autonomous weapon systems. Robots or drones are getting more sophisticated.

Neuroscience and Genetics

This year the first phase of the Brain Initiative should have ended. I do not really know what the status is currently, but over the year there were many new discoveries in the field of neuroscience.

The same goes for everything that is related to CRISPR. Genetics and new developments are coming.

The next Cold War

It may depend a little on the foreign-policies of Biden and the democrats on what is happening in the next years but one thing showed us this year. The US has to do something to diminish the economic influence of China

Outlook 2021 and beyond

For me capitalism is at a crossroad and the next 5 years will show us how the system can be kept alive in its current form. The same goes for the so-called democracies. Capitalism can survive without democracy, but democracy cannot be held up with the current form of capitalism.

So, what will our political and economic leaders do?

One thing on the agenda is. Look out for investments in rare metals or foreign politics in Africa and also South-America. Climate-Change will increase the demand in that area a lot. Oil maybe the war reason in the past. We have a new reason approaching.

Depending on how climate-change progresses, but look out for climate shifts and with that shifts in agricultural production influence. Things that will be important are farming and water resources.

Everything else?

Watch the rise of quantum-computing and everything that comes with it. The workplace and demand for work will potentially change significant and nobody really has a concept now on how to handle the increase in automation.

At the end something I read and find it plausible. The disappearance of the middle class and the rise of the common class

Disclaimer I am just in IT engineer, so keep that in mind when reading

This post will cover some thoughts about my recent communication experiences and those raise questions, which I do not have realistic answers for.

Language and Communication

You probably know the term “Universal Translator”, well, at least if you are into Star Trek. Since this year was also a year to rerun all the series and movies for me, I cannot forget the universal language that is English (I was watching the original and not the German translation).

Also, this year I realized that very often when I am speaking to other people not really everything I say or mean is reaching its destination at the communication partner(s). I could see many transport and protocol issues here, incompatibilities if you will.

The one-on-one communication is easier to handle if you ask during the communication the counterpart whether he understood you or not and whether he showed some kind of acknowledgement for the transmitted information. Active Feedback and mirroring of the information from the counterpart will help you determine how much packet loss has occurred.

When speaking before a group of people it will get harder and harder with the number of participants to get active feedback and it is up to the information transmitter to use a communication language that fits more or most people in the group.

So, can you remember a scene on Star Trek when the communication partner said: “What do you mean?” or did something completely contrary to the things discussed?

Sure there were scences, but for us as viewers the character of the display role implied pretty much the real meaning.

Knowing the people in the group will help to communicate or speaking regularly to the people will also decrease communication errors over time, either through learning or adjustments in communication language.


We speak German, English, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and so on, and then we speak dialects of those languages and different words may have different meanings in the same main language.

Every individual also has his language which is built on political beliefs, knowledge and specialization.

I am a UNIX system engineer with knowledge in networking, Platform Infrastructure, Automation, Security and such. Also, my background is heavily influenced by Open-Source thinking, which is also reflected in my political beliefs.

In the last couple of month I realized that peoples behavior and language, also at work when I talk to coworkers, is tied to their political views and of course their upbringing and school or university education.

And this goes for all people I encounter and speak to.

Scaling of Groups

Small groups with people who speak the same language and have the same mindset are really easy, and we all may know them from our groups of friends or also at work.

Scaling or growing of groups is really hard. Many factors come into place, like

  • time spent in a group
  • historical events and memories
  • personalities
  • close ties to other group members
  • communication culture
  • group hierarchy
  • power struggles for places

And also the growing difference in the communication language spoken within the group.

The number of communication channels is growing and with that misunderstandings and intransparency.

We rarely stay long in the context of a group when the communication does not fit our communication language (anymore). We feel misunderstood and with an increasing number of group members we get less active or positive feedback|reinforcement from our environment.

Acknowledgement for ourselves and the things we say and do is essential.

Big groups are more prone to fall completely apart through the complexity but not only for those factors pointed out.

The Internet and objective truth

Living in a bubble and feel threatend by others people communication and beliefs? Still wonder why?

I recently read an essay about Hegel and Human Nature, which can be found under

Link: [[[]]]

The essay points out the factor of #objective-truth or #external-truth.

I really cannot grasp how old you guys are but in the pre-internet era you had to go the library and read, buy books or study for a specialized field. Maybe you knew people that studied philosophy, sociology, physics, biology and so on and could learn from them. But the access to knowledge was much more limited.

Today it is easy to pick fragments of knowledge from all kinds of special fields and mix them together without any real background and call it conclusion.

This self-build conclusion is then sold as the truth.

Coming back to languages and groups. Now forge an own truth and call it objective. It can be pointed to the sources that were used for reference. This objective truth only exists within your group boundaries.

Welcome to religion / dogmatism

While in history objective truth may even have been religion or political beliefs, we have entered an era of more diverse beliefs.

While ignoring those who really seek an objective truth, the people found in the new blocks of groups who preach their diverse absolutism are a problem for complex group structures like nations and super blocks like Europe and the US.

So what now?

Is the path to a new authoritarian and controlling system like #china the only way to save Nations?

And everything will be done to save those structures of property and power...

.. and it will be not because of a virus. It will be the police state that is on our way.

We face several threats

  • the looming financial chaos that is about to break onto us
  • climate-change
  • massive immigration increase because of that
  • poverty
  • social injustice
  • dehumanization because of genetics, neuroscience, augmentation, technology in general
  • ...

Those have one thing in common. The majority of the western population is somehow aware of the most major issues, even if they have no real deep insight on each of them.

Those issues go on and on but the egoistic world view of most of my fellow citizens make them blind for anything and if they see it, they wouldn't really know what to do. Because there is a choice to be made. Vote for those in power who currently can guarantee a basic income and lifestyle, which is much better than that of most of the rest in the world, or vote them out, protest and show some basic signs of sympathy, foresight and solidarity. Too much to ask – if you ask me. Only if the sh+t piled up right before their doors, they will start caring.

There is this other threat and only a small percentage seem to care about it.

The steps to a new totalitarian political order.

Of course everyone knows our history, well, at least Germans should be more aware of this because you know.. the last global mass murder has our footprint on it. Can we claim copyright here? (sarcasm)

With the police state that is implemented right under our eyes, and no, I am not exaggerating, there are other developments coming with it

  • control of political news (because of the political fake news)
  • measures for social behavior prediction
  • the total transparent citizen
  • emergency controls for the government

Everything well, except the surveillance and privacy issues, have not that far progressed. We still have our constitution and some laws that protect us. Also, some issues need to be implemented slower than other because of the focus of the majority of the population.


Yesterday I watched a documentary about the murder of Deutsche Bank CEO Herrhausen, which supposedly the RAF (Red Army Faction) was responsible for. That happened ~30 years ago.

Since I am little older I remember everything that is connected to this, yet today pretty much nobody remembers the inconsistencies surrounding the investigation. Today we call that conspiracy theory, I call it possible state murder or at least supported or covered by the state.

History told us one thing. The political establishment is a bunch of liars or at least they are also covering for people in the background. The state authorities who should protect the constitution have always had their hands in questionable cases, which of course let to nothing and no real consequences.

Continue from before

So, these authorities are given more and more powers and with that also the tools. Really? And not really much people care about that? Everything is a sidenote to other issues, may it be climate, capital crisis or corona now.

If freedom of speech is gone, or if freedom is gone completely it will not just come back. If that happens only a bloody revolution will change anything. I wonder if anyone really knows or can grasp what that means?

If freedom is gone then this will be a real lockdown.

Maybe it is time you speak to some immigrants who fled because they wanted to increase their living chances because at home militias are on a killing spree. You might learn something from those stories, considering you have any imagination left in your numb skulls you seem to think you use for thinking .. are you really?

Nothing will change – eventually

That the development can be stopped I consider this myself a 0.1% chance. The next catastrophe might not preventable and has to be fought from within.

But for this I just say... we do not live in the 18th century anymore. It was much easier back then, then it will be coming up in a theater near you.

If you care – bystander?