Burning cars won't change a thing – but what does?

this text has been written in 15 minutes – beware

I was told that I am an aging old pseudo leftist or anarchist, a reminiscence of missed chances and now preaching from a position above the reality of the actual world we live in.

I can live with that description and there is something true in most parts of any feedback. It also tells a lot about the feedback giver.

It is natural to neglect the older and more experienced people around you, especially if you are very young and emotional. That is understood. It is also normal that older people lack the impulsive tendency of the moment for action.

Yet, we will want the same thing, I suppose.

Slow general changes

People change under certain situations faster or slower. If an imminent problem exists that threatens their “own” lives people are very capable of changing and adapting new behaviors.

The other side of the medal is that if changes are very hard to grasp but need adaption on a comprehensive scale of personal lives, people are not known for implementing those necessary changes.

Greta and FFF

Try to think about your life and also the news before Greta and FFF entered the stage. Be honest and think about how much you thought about sustainability, green energy, your carbon footprint or also the collapse of our civilization.

I guess, if you are not an member of an ecological group or no alternative lifestyle (leftist, green, anarchist) background, the chances are you have not really thought about it all.

Yet, the climate change has been thematized for decades.

You did not catch on? Think about it for a while.

The elephant in the room

Let's talk about the issue on hand here. Capitalism.

Again, if you are not a leftist .. and so on .. and have a descend life and income you are probably not really thinking about changing, maybe because of the climate change, but not really radically.

Not only since the COVID-19 crisis began we pretty much know that capitalism does not work. END

Yes, when it comes to progress and inventions it may be the best system and so on .. and so on... but ultimately, it has major flaws, not only when it comes to equality, the ecological aspect.

If you are a middle, lower-class person there is no reason to like it. You are a tool and are being used as one.

Why not change? Think about it for a while.

Media Presence and message

A couple of a month back I was talking to a coworker and told him, that I think we need an anti-capitalistic version of Greta and a youth movement to get the political class to start talking about “real” changes and alternatives.

And yes, there are alternatives, and you do not even have to call them Socialism or communism (the boogieman).

Still, no talks about alternatives.

In Germany, we have an election year and chances are good that the ruling party will prevail and things will continue as before.

*Why is that? Again.. think about it for a minute..

People do not change because all information they get to know about alternatives is easily discarded.

Riots, demonstrations, protests and solidarity actions are also not working on a nationwide or even greater level.

We know that, right? But its kind of part of the culture.

The world moved on and so did the means of communication

The leftist, anarchist movement of full of intelligent people and only a few a known world-wide. David Graeber or Noam Chomsky or Subcomandante Marcos could be three of the most well-known people. If you take the normal population and ask them, most will only have heard of Noam Chomsky.

We are lacking massively on in the popularity field. Of course, the old argument of leaders or icons is well despised, and I can understand that, but it does not have to be like that.

The virtual icon

My idea would be to create an online presence of a person and try to make it popular. There would be the need to find an agreement that this icon would only act and preach in a positive manner. No calls for violence or equally negative actions.

The best thing would be a virtual agent based on GPT-3 or any other AI-driven API, if there are any.

Do not get me wrong

It is far from my intention to manipulate people, but we need someone who can speak to all people and talk about alternatives in a manner that is not rooted in socialism, communism or anarchism and also would be able to communicate in most of the languages.

If not virtual. Let's talk about people? Or any other ideas for that matter...