Oh, sweet irony (short text)

Trump and QAnon inside Capitol Hill..

You probably heard of the following statement:

“We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.”

William S. Casey

Some say, that even the quote is a lie..

It just does not matter anymore

You might say, that this is a problem of the US politics and their intelligence agencies, but that is not true. Most nations are build upon opacity and their lies the problem.

Let's stay with the US. A nation built on the foundation of liberty and personal freedom, ruled by lies and deceit.

The rise of QAnon and Trumpism

No, No, No...

It all started long before that. The ultimate conspiracy of the Kennedy assassination and the cover up of all the presidents after that are the root of it all. This is when politics in the US lost all credibility. Of course there are other incidents, but the unprecedented impact of a dead president, was the tipping point.

They did not recover after that. Then came the interventions in South and Central America, the Iraq war lies and after that Bush Jr and 9/11.

And then the deep state conspiracy and QAnon. A liar is still a liar if he only tells you 70% of the truth and since none of the politicians can speak 100% the truth, you have to cherry-pick fragments of truth.

If you got so many secrets, truth has to be searched for.

The scene in Indiana Jones with the big warehouse in which they store the ark is good a symbol of the problem

Not 4 or 8 years of a Biden presidency will be able to fix that.

It just does not matter anymore

Claim truth if it serves the cause of your position and strategy. That is enough.

Blue – Red – Black – White

This should be a warning to all democracies

If the rest of the world does not want to follow the example of the US, it is time to come clean. If the rest of the western democracies are really about freedom, openness is the only way to avoid equal problems, which are already building up.

It is just a matter of time when .. we follow in the footsteps of our mighty brother the US.