When I read the first book in my youth about Buddhism and the Concept of Nirvana I found it more than interesting because it so much more not like the Christian Bible images imprinted by my upbringing and environment.

At that time I did not know that with the Siddhartha I already entered existentialism.

  • Freedom of choice.
  • Sense of unique self and individuality.
  • We live; we experience, rather than just be.
  • Every existence is unique; we have no universal humanity, but must create ourselves individually through experiencing the world.
  • We are not human except through what we do.
  • Existence precedes essence. We are not human [essence] until we act [existence].
  • Making life meaningful through self-realization and experience.


L. S. Cousins said that in popular usage nirvana was “the goal of Buddhist discipline,... the final removal of the disturbing mental elements which obstruct a peaceful and clear state of mind, together with a state of awakening from the mental sleep which they induce.” Source: Wikipedia

This is mostly also what I understood in my youth.

There are monasteries full of monks not having achieved this state of mind after decades

The unconscious path to enlightenment

As individuals, we struggle to obtain such a state and our conflicts with our environment which is ruled by imperfect people and this does not make it easier.

As human species and this is something that has to be discussed we may have a common consciousness. This may be one theory. Another may be that progress or evolution is an escalating process that roots also in our competitiveness for example.

Whatever it may be and how hard we argue against it, progress may it be individual or technological is always searching for a solution. A solution to the problem we are still trying to defend and that is human imperfection.

There are many progressives, at least that is how they see and express themselves that defend that faulty existence and at the same time lecturing about how to be a better person.

The thing with “the act” or “human existence”

Self-improvement, self-reflection is widely accepted and supported and so is the technological development of our external environment. Yet, many people deny the logical group process with the same goal.

Human existence is a common act to reach this #Nirvana. Our way to the stage of #Posthumanism can only be postponed.