This is an older post if mine, but I wanted to share it again.

While watching a video of David #graeber talking about the extreme center or liberals in the US, I asked myself why are we even talking about an extreme center? How can a center be extreme? It cannot and it is a misinterpretation or let me use the word framing of the political positional terminology we accept as some kind of natural order.

This is ridiculous if you think about it.

The only center in politics which has a political framework for all people outlined is the left and only the left. And with the left, do not get me wrong I mean not the social democratic parties who sleep with the capital or some of the authoritarian communist parties. Inclusion for all people is only being thought of in terms of leftist or anarchist political theory.

So, why still use the term center for the conservatives, the capitalists, the neoliberals?

*** The conservatives are extreme in protecting their way of life and the establishment. They are the extremists who are blocking necessary progress and changes.

The neoliberals and capitalists are extreme in exploiting everybody who is below them. They are trying to gain an advantage in every possible situation to pursue their egoistic goals. ***

It is time to change the narrative

The left is the center and that approach to discuss and explain problems with the narrative told today might be a good approach to find a way through the barricades of the ongoing defamation of leftist terminology.

This already concludes my thoughts about this.