The real lockdown is still to come

.. and it will be not because of a virus. It will be the police state that is on our way.

We face several threats

Those have one thing in common. The majority of the western population is somehow aware of the most major issues, even if they have no real deep insight on each of them.

Those issues go on and on but the egoistic world view of most of my fellow citizens make them blind for anything and if they see it, they wouldn't really know what to do. Because there is a choice to be made. Vote for those in power who currently can guarantee a basic income and lifestyle, which is much better than that of most of the rest in the world, or vote them out, protest and show some basic signs of sympathy, foresight and solidarity. Too much to ask – if you ask me. Only if the sh+t piled up right before their doors, they will start caring.

There is this other threat and only a small percentage seem to care about it.

The steps to a new totalitarian political order.

Of course everyone knows our history, well, at least Germans should be more aware of this because you know.. the last global mass murder has our footprint on it. Can we claim copyright here? (sarcasm)

With the police state that is implemented right under our eyes, and no, I am not exaggerating, there are other developments coming with it

Everything well, except the surveillance and privacy issues, have not that far progressed. We still have our constitution and some laws that protect us. Also, some issues need to be implemented slower than other because of the focus of the majority of the population.


Yesterday I watched a documentary about the murder of Deutsche Bank CEO Herrhausen, which supposedly the RAF (Red Army Faction) was responsible for. That happened ~30 years ago.

Since I am little older I remember everything that is connected to this, yet today pretty much nobody remembers the inconsistencies surrounding the investigation. Today we call that conspiracy theory, I call it possible state murder or at least supported or covered by the state.

History told us one thing. The political establishment is a bunch of liars or at least they are also covering for people in the background. The state authorities who should protect the constitution have always had their hands in questionable cases, which of course let to nothing and no real consequences.

Continue from before

So, these authorities are given more and more powers and with that also the tools. Really? And not really much people care about that? Everything is a sidenote to other issues, may it be climate, capital crisis or corona now.

If freedom of speech is gone, or if freedom is gone completely it will not just come back. If that happens only a bloody revolution will change anything. I wonder if anyone really knows or can grasp what that means?

If freedom is gone then this will be a real lockdown.

Maybe it is time you speak to some immigrants who fled because they wanted to increase their living chances because at home militias are on a killing spree. You might learn something from those stories, considering you have any imagination left in your numb skulls you seem to think you use for thinking .. are you really?

Nothing will change – eventually

That the development can be stopped I consider this myself a 0.1% chance. The next catastrophe might not preventable and has to be fought from within.

But for this I just say... we do not live in the 18th century anymore. It was much easier back then, then it will be coming up in a theater near you.

If you care – bystander?