The Smile Direct Club Vs Byte Diagnosis Of Tooth

The diagnosis of tooth hypersensitivity smile direct club vs byte can be made only after eliminating all other dental diseases that may cause similar symptoms (e.g. caries, pulpitis, lack of tightness of the filling or prosthetic restoration, tooth crack or filling, diseases of the temporomandibular joint, gingivitis, postoperative hypersensitivity).

When diagnosing dentin hypersensitivity, the doctor always begins with a detailed medical history. The most important in this case are the patient's subjective experiences.

The first question should be about the very existence of tooth sensitivity or the discomfort experienced by the patient, and about describing them in your own words. T

he doctor will also ask about the stimuli causing the pain / discomfort, if the pain persists, e.g. when drinking cold drinks and after stopping drinking. And if it persists, how long.

For the examination smile direct club vs byte, the doctor will use preparations / tools that allow for a temporary reduction in the temperature of the tooth (for example, “blow” the tooth with a blowpipe or touch it with a cotton pad cooled with a special spray) and / or mechanically (touch the surface of the tooth with a dental tool). If this is the case, you can expect acute pain that should pass relatively quickly. Occasionally, some discomfort may persist for a long time only.

If the pain does not go away or there is a throbbing, pain that wakes the patient up at night or prevents him from falling asleep and does not decrease after taking painkillers, as well as radiating (i.e., the location of which cannot be precisely defined) or occurring only when biting the tooth, these are symptoms indicating the need for further diagnostics, e.g. radiological.

What Are The Treatments?

You should always smile direct start by learning the correct technique of brushing your teeth.

In addition, in the case of hypersensitivity related to brushing with excessive zeal or the use of a too hard brush and reluctance to change it, it is worth replacing too frequent smile direct club vs byte brushing with a mouth rinse (brushing twice a day, and also a rinse eliminating hypersensitivity).

Thanks to this smile direct , first of all, the risk of worsening of hypersensitivity will be reduced and, in addition, it will eliminate bacteria from the mouth that can cause gingivitis, which further aggravates the disease.

During the visit, the doctor will use preparations for professional desensitization, which are designed to reduce the nerve reaction and / or to close open dentinal tubules (More on this in the article on tooth structure ).

Another method of treatment is filling the enamel cavity with composite material, and in the most severe cases, tooth devitalization (i.e. death = root canal treatment). This method is used very rarely and only when the pain level is very high and no other measures bring any improvement.

In the event that hypersensitivity results from systemic factors or is related to environmental factors, the dentist will refer the patient to a general practitioner for examination.

Is it possible to recover completely?

As I mentioned above, in the most difficult cases, root canal treatment can be performed smile direct club vs byte, which fortunately I have never had to do before.

According to research, 96% of hypersensitivity can be controlled with preparations for use at home. In more difficult cases, the enamel defect is rebuilt with a light-cured composite material, which in 99.9% of cases gives an improvement Source URL: