The Camera Fixed Or Overlay smile Direct Club Vs Invisalign?

How Digital Analysis Facilitates The Choice Of An Orthodontist

Which orthodontic appliance to choose from? Invisalign or permanent? The decision on the method of treating malocclusion should be made by the patient together with an orthodontist with whom he has good contact and trust. Only in this case smile direct club vs Invisalign, it is possible to choose a method of treatment tailored to the needs of a given patient, which will be safe, comfortable, and effective. See how digital technology can facilitate the work of an orthodontist when choosing the right orthodontic appliance. For more detail on teeth care and alignment braces or byte, see our smile direct club vs Invisalign article.

Fixed Braces In Digital Orthodontics

Fixed braces are fully individualized braces. This means that each of its elements is unique, made individually for a specific patient and his teeth. Thanks to the individualization of the apparatus, the teeth can be set in a special way for a given patient, and also achieve very precise treatment results.

How does digital technology help in choosing a camera?

The appliances are individually adapted to each tooth thanks to functions such as the wide and long axis as well as the contour of the entire tooth. The doctor determines the direction of the shifting and deflection of the teeth and then prepares a set of overlays specifically tailored to the patient's teeth.

Digital appliances are designed to produce the forces necessary to achieve more predictable tooth movements. This method is based on applying a pressure of the right force, place, and length of time so that the teeth move at each stage of treatment. They are more precisely positioned smile direct club vs Invisalign, which ensures that the necessary forces work properly while removing interference.

A patient who decides to use a fixed appliance must take into account the difficult maintenance of hygiene for many months. If the patient is unable to keep the oral cavity clean despite thorough hygiene instructions and regular control, he or she is not eligible for treatment with fixed appliances.

Invisalign – Transparent Splints In Digital Orthodontics

Pain associated with orthodontic treatment can occur with any therapy. However, patient history and statistics show that treatment with Invisalign clear aligners is more pleasant and does not cause much pain in the teeth.

During treatment, a series of tooth positioning rails are “pushed” with the entire surfaces of the trays. In the case of fixed appliances, the forces are transferred to the tooth point-wise, through the appliance lock, therefore the fixed appliance generates much greater forces with a smaller clinical effect. For this reason, treatment with overlays is considered less painful.

Transparent orthodontic appliances are intended for people who are allergic to nickel and composite glue used in fixed appliances. They are also chosen by patients who are afraid of the negative effects of wearing permanent braces, such as gum irritation, enamel destruction, or removal of healthy teeth.

Advantages and disadvantages of Invisalign transparent orthodontic splints

The overlays are designed to treat even complex malocclusions, they can be used in any age group, from children, adolescents, to adults.

Splints are ideal for the treatment of recurrent malocclusions after completed orthodontic treatment, strong and less severe crowding, closing gaps, and diastema. With the good cooperation and knowledge of the doctor, they treat many other defects (crossbite, deep bite, undershot bite). The method is aimed at disciplined patients who will strictly follow the doctor's instructions regarding the time of wearing splints. The effectiveness of treatment also depends on the experience of the doctor and dental technician.

The best time to start orthodontic treatment is when you are 7 years old, but most people do not visit an orthodontist until late adolescence.

Removable appliances do not make it difficult to keep the teeth clean. The trays allow the normal cleaning of the teeth, which is usually very complicated with a traditional fixed appliance. Caps require less maintenance as they are replaced every 2 weeks. Thanks to the overlays, there is also no decalcification on the labial surface of the enamel.

Time and price of treatment with Invisalign braces and other important issues

The price of treatment with transparent appliances depends on the intensity of the malocclusion. The treatment plan specifies an estimated time, number of stages, and cost of treatment. The duration of treatment varies from patient to patient and ranges from 6 to 30 months. It depends primarily on the complexity of the case and how often the patient puts on aligners and what his lifestyle is.

Treatment with Invisalign transparent overlays is certainly aesthetic, hygienic, quick, and almost painless. However smile direct club vs Invisalign, there is one basic condition: the patient must be aware, determined, and consistent. He just has to wear aligners as prescribed by the doctor. Otherwise, the therapy will be ineffective.

Not Everything You Hear About Braces Is True

The buckles will not trigger the metal detectors. Braces cannot be blocked during kissing. The orthodontic appliance does not interfere with radio signals. Wearing braces will not increase your chances of being struck by lightning. You can still play instruments and sports safely and effectively while wearing the brace.

The Stabilizing Phase In Orthodontic Treatment

The stabilizing phase of treatment results is a very important part of the therapy. It requires mobilization of patients treated with braces to wear retention devices according to the doctor's recommendations. During the retention phase, the teeth stabilize their position, and the soft tissues rebuild to adapt to the new shape of the dental arch.

At the end of treatment with a transparent orthodontic appliance, the patient additionally receives a retention overlay smile direct club vs Invisalign, which is to help stabilize the teeth in a new position. The treatment plan is prepared individually for each treated case and depending on the patient's malocclusion. The time of treating malocclusion with a transparent orthodontic appliance is shorter than the time of treatment with a fixed appliance. Retention braces ensure a good fit, and the increased force allows you to self-correct some small relapses.