What is change management certification?

Individual Change Management: A People-Centric Approach

When aiming for precision, the term 'individual change' might more accurately capture the essence. Regardless of the significance of business practices, methodologies, and frameworks, the driving force behind their success ultimately lies in people. Without the ability of individuals within an organization to adapt and embrace new ways of working, any change initiative is destined to fail.

Change managers, specializing in change management, play a pivotal role in preparing and supporting employees through change, ensuring successful outcomes. Certification through change management courses equips these professionals with the necessary theories, models, and techniques to navigate change effectively.

Addressing Change at Different Levels: Individual, Organisational, and Enterprise

Change management best practices advocate for addressing change at the individual level, recognizing the unique experiences of each person. This involves actively facilitating their transition, which may include communication strategies, skill development, and coaching teams in adopting new behaviors.

However, in larger organizations, individual-level attention might not always be feasible. Organisational change management steps in to provide project-level actions that support enterprises with numerous employees. Identifying workgroups, defining necessary changes, and creating customized plans become integral to ensuring successful change at scale.

Enterprise change management goes a step further, establishing a competency within businesses to adapt consistently to evolving environments. This involves embedding the idea of change into roles, processes, projects, and leadership, ensuring agility in responding to market shifts and technological advancements.

The Significance of Change Management Training and Certification

Change management training and certification hold significant value for individuals aiming to navigate change effectively within organizations. Recognized by many UK employers, certification demonstrates an understanding of applying best practices to change initiatives. Courses cover planning for change, implementing change, and supporting continuous improvements post-change.

The training's applicability spans various types of change, such as creating new roles or transitioning to new software. It helps change managers comprehend human responses to change and devise effective strategies for individual change.

Benefits of Change Management Training

Change management training offers several advantages for prospective change managers:

• Understanding the human aspect of change and achieving optimal outcomes through individual change management. • Providing a general map to guide actions and decisions amid the complexity of change. • Fostering relationships crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of change initiatives.

A change management certification serves as evidence that one can effectively apply change management skills, enhancing an organization's capacity to handle multiple changes simultaneously.

Choosing the Right Change Management Certification: APMG Change Management

Amid the plethora of certifications available, APMG Change Management Foundation and Practitioner training and certification stand out. Offered by Knowledge Train, these courses are aligned with APMG International, a globally recognized certification body with a successful history.

The APMG Change Management course, developed in collaboration with the Change Management Institute, aligns with the Institute’s Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK). This comprehensive course equips candidates with the knowledge, theories, and techniques necessary to unlock resistance to change, provide effective support, and manage stakeholders throughout the change process. The structured approach includes both Foundation and Practitioner-level courses, ensuring a thorough understanding of change management principles.

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