Student Essay – Science Versus Religion!

Do Science and Religion Say the Same Things?


An essay is normally defined as a small piece of writing that is written from the author’s stand on various issues. There are many types of essays. There are many subjects that a student essay can be written on. Usually essays are written on very safe topics like reading books, literature and so on. It needs courage to attempt writing essays on sensitive issues such as ‘Science versus religion’ etc. According to studdydaddy a student essay can also be on such topics. There are many people who strictly follow religion and many other who think the former as a pack of fools. They are atheists and strongly believe that science is the driving force behind everything that happens in the world. However, a deeper analysis reveals that certain things happen that cannot be explained by science. Some of them, we call coincidences. A person may be thinking about say his best friend, wishing he could see him. The next moment he hears a knock on the door and finds himself facing him and saying ‘I was just thinking about you!’ This is a coincidence and most of us might have experienced at one point of time. How could this happen? Some might say ‘God knows!’ and that’s where the entire issue starts. Some call it a cosmic energy and some call it God.

The battle between science and religion has been going on strong since day one. A classic example would be the famous controversy of Galileo and the Church. It was a time when the church insisted that the Earth was the center of the universe. When Galileo tried to establish that the truth was otherwise the Church took it as an offense and forced the great physicist, mathematician and astronomer ‘to spend the rest of his life under house arrest’. Later the truth was accepted but this classic example reveals the aversion that religion has towards science.


‘Angels and Demons’ by Dan Brown is a work of fiction which again revolves around the hostility between scientists and the God-worshippers. A closer look would reveal that science and religion almost say the same things with just different explanations for them. For example, old people in India tell their grandchildren to avoid sitting under the trees at night, saying that if they do so, the ghost of a woman would harm them. Science also asks people to stay away from trees at night but it gives a more sensible explanation. Trees consume carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and release oxygen during the day. But at nights, due to absence of sunlight, they take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide- just like humans. So a person who spends a night under a tree ends up inhaling carbon dioxide, which is dangerous. This is a good example that suggests that science and religion both say the same things with different explanations.

There are numerous examples like these. A student can ponder on such issues and write a good student essay. Contact custom essays for more information!

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